Current WiFi transmission rates and bandwidth restrictions still position this technology behind standard cable options in terms of performance and throughput. However, the flexibility and increased security of these systems ensure that there is a place for WiFi solutions in the business environment.

WiFi infrastructures are normally implemented to fulfill specific roles. As a flexible option they are deployed to support and complement conventional wire based solutions.

It is normal practice to append WiFi relaying devices to cable networks where flexible system access is required. Firms that utilize large numbers of laptops and flexible “Hot Desk” practices can employ WiFi networking to facilitate effortless staff deployment.

Wireless/laser technology can also help to solve access and distance related problems where conventional cable topologies are uneconomical or are technically incapable. Companies with multiple sites/offices relatively close but with connectivity issues concerning cable can utilize directional WiFi technology. This equipment can be used to bring these sites together integrating the firm’s network infrastructure.

We can provide the skill sets required in the implementation of WiFi network connectivity. The following products and services are available in the installation of this technology:

  • Wireless site survey
  • WiFi network consultancy
  • Product selection
  • WiFi system deployment
  • WiFi security

In terms of branded WiFi technology we supply partners for the following products:

  • CISCO WiFi products
  • Zyxel products
  • NetGear WiFi products